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919 fans carnival night tonight Lin Chiling Liu Guoliang led the team to the carnival – Beijing tonight, Jiangsu TV and music video jointly held 919 fans carnival night in Beijing staged a live broadcast, the most popular singer star and Olympic athletes gathered popularity "Carnival night". Li Yuchun, Jolin, William Chan, Han Hong, Lin Chiling, Guo Jingming, Hua Chenyu, Jimmy Lin, Wowkie Zhang, Zhou Bichang, Lang Ping, Liu Guoliang, Malone, Zhang Jike, Fu Yuanhui, Wu Minxia, Lala Hsu, Lee Stanes, Effie will gather. This is the Olympic Games after the Brazil Olympic Games will be the most popular players gathered in a party A, give people bring infinite strength and moving the China women’s volleyball team, the high popularity of the "Ping-Pong three day mission, Liu Guoliang, Zhang Jike, Malone, shows the power of the new generation of gas and fine" the son of god girl "Fu Yuanhui, a new generation of" Diving Queen "Wu Minxia are" 919 fans carnival night ". The party is the most innovative film release: Guo Jingming will bring his new work in September — the most noteworthy film "grand track" stage; and with Matt Damon, Andy Lau, Tian Jing, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Lu Han Lin update, Zheng Kai, Chen Xuedong, Huang Xuan, Wang Jun Kay, Yu Xintian epic "the Great Wall". It will be in the "Carnival Night" on the first play of the new trailer. The reporter understands, Lin Chiling led the team led by Liu Guoliang and the "Olympic team combat. Fu Yuanhui’s appearance is very special, she will be accompanied by the appearance of Jimmy Lin. In addition, the use of the round table by Jimmy Lin in the game will be the latest VR technology — stars wearing VR glasses standing in the round table to challenge each other, who can stand undefeated in the complex environment, who will be able to get the final victory. (Xiao Lang)相关的主题文章: