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Autumn, epilepsy patients how to live safely? Sohu health for patients with epilepsy, the transformation of the seasons may provide some predisposing factors for epilepsy, so in different seasons, patients with epilepsy must be done to prevent. So, in the face of the arrival of autumn, epilepsy patients should pay attention to what? How to greet the coming of autumn autumn, the sunshine time will gradually shorten, biology people will have a corresponding change, it will be on people’s mental state, emotion comes a certain influence, and changes in mental state, emotion is a predisposing factor of epilepsy. So, at this time epilepsy patients should be good prevention. A reasonable diet. The autumn climate began to dry, epilepsy patients should eat some nourishing yin foods, less intake of spicy, spicy food, eat some acidic foods to the liver blood Runchang dryness. If autumn health care can eat some tremella, sugar cane, bird’s nest, spinach, pear, apple, persimmon, orange, grape and longan and other food. In addition, epilepsy patients should avoid cold food in autumn, to improve physical fitness. Keep two accommodation ventilation. Autumn dry climate, easily lead to dry mouth and throat, constipation, so to keep the indoor temperature and humidity. Pay attention to indoor ventilation often during the day, keep the air fresh; sleep at night to close the doors and windows, sleep after abdomen to cover some clothing to prevent colds, diarrhea induced by abdominal cold. It is best to install the exhaust fan in the kitchen, so that the smoke out of the room in a timely manner. Pay attention to clothing. Autumn comes, the temperature changes, but not eager to add clothing to exercise the body’s cold resistance and disease resistance, good physical and mental health. Of course, after the autumn temperature decreased, timely change of clothing is necessary, but do not surge sharply, which is beneficial to the body of the cold climate resilience. In addition, the weak and sick elderly people, should pay special attention to keep warm, avoid evil, leakage of Yang, further harm to health. To relax the muscles. Starting from the head, eyes closed tightly, and then relax; teeth bite, and then relax; clenched fist after relaxation; followed by analogy to all parts of the body. Is the most simple and hard stretch, and then relax, can in the shortest time to fall irritable mood to get better relax. Five moderate exercise. Autumn comes, temperature changes, patients should enhance physical fitness, improve immunity. From these aspects, patients can cope with the impact of the fall on the disease and reduce the damage caused by seizures. Text from: Sohu health Disclaimer: we respect the original, the main purpose is to share information. Copyright original author, if there is a violation of your rights, please inform us in time, we will be removed within 24 hours. Editor: Jean Yanran] editor: Qi Hui mailbox: nj12320@yeah Tel: (025) 12320 "Nanjing health 12320" can provide online registration, online consultation, medical experts for you