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Uzbekistan Coach: super strong China fast player [] VS: prospective country full backs away Uzi Gao Jun only win Tencent in October 10 (the sports Ritashengan Zeng Xiao Zhao Yu) although the China team first round up just one point, there are six points in the hands of Uzbekistan also dare not careless. Uzbekistan men’s soccer coach Babayan said, in the super promotion, China team’s strength can not be underestimated, "for both sides, tomorrow will be big. China is one of the strongest teams in Asia, especially when we talk about the timeout, the Super League is one of the best in Asia, so the level of the Chinese team in the gradual development of. There are a lot of skilled players in China, they play very smart, these players will help them tomorrow’s performance. We have analyzed the Chinese team and are ready for tomorrow, we will strive for good performance." Uzbekistan coach attended the press conference Uzbekistan players are very eager to win tomorrow, "I think it will be an important game, especially for my country and my people. Hopefully we can have a good mood when we leave the game tomorrow. Maybe we could take a win and let the local fans celebrate. Last game, Uzbekistan lost to Iran, so that the two game winning streak stopped, the coach said: sometimes, players play well, but does not mean they are not good players. In different games, the players are in a state of ups and downs. Especially young players, when they don’t play well, they will see criticism of their reports, which will make them feel the pressure. I think these players will analyze their performance and improve their performance." Uzbekistan local reporters Uzbekistan coach, is due to failure to change before the team’s tactics, he said: "every team has his own tactics and philosophy, each instructor should all day with this football philosophy to life, so as to let the football philosophy deep into your body. Only in this way, the coach has the ability to communicate it to the players. Otherwise, the coach will not be able to reach a high level. Especially in the national team, unlike the club, you have only a small amount of time, a limited number of players, you can not change your football philosophy, can only step by step church players. On the Chinese team, although the table is a big lead in China, but it will not reduce the difficulty of tomorrow’s game, every game we want to win, the same is true of the Chinese team. No matter what happens, you have to win every game." He said the speed and personal ability China players need to guard against, "they have very good players, their personal ability is very strong, they quickly. In these days of training, I think our players are ready to deal with."