60Come here from work Or take the subway while slowly election – Sohu to eat and drink (video)|Come here from work Or take the subway while slowly election – Sohu to eat and drink (video)9

Come here from work? Or take the subway while slowly election? Sohu and the Beijing winters that come, leaves thinking of the autumn season, go to outdoor climbing tours tours leaves, but the night into the winter, the cold days, leaves really do not want to go out, love nest at home to eat a variety of toss. Friends around to see the leaves every day to share the delicious food, will be worried in the increasingly cold weather, buy food is a very hard thing. Ah ah, buy food, cook, take pictures and share, leaves do not feel very hard, but the time is not enough, and the leaves have been used to buy food online shopping in the Jingdong fresh, smoking a little time to fix. But when it comes to online shopping, there will be a friend’s heart doubts, online shopping really good? Online shopping is good, we pro test pro test. Then, by joining the network of red leaves fresh vs net red vegetable market for opportunities to a market to buy food and fresh food to buy Jingdong PK, seeking truth from facts, and to see whether…… leaves home near a convenience food market, located in Beijing Daxing District off the East in the community, four in the afternoon open more, in order to facilitate the work here after work to buy food, leaves is in the chilly, dark hours here coucourenao. Shopping market shopping environment convenience market size is not small, but for it by the composition of the market stalls, shopping environment is messy, vendors distributed on both sides of the road, People are hurrying to and fro. noisy, the occasional car through the ground, also often can see discarded garbage. Can not help but leaves on the health of the food concerns. Jingdong fresh shopping environment to buy food as everyone knows the advantage is that is not restricted by time and place, especially for busy office workers, one day in advance to buy food for second days, any free time, in any place can order, saving time and effort. And the leaves also believe that their professional, ingredients in a suitable storage environment, a library, meat is cold chain delivery to my hand, food safety and hygiene, eating is also assured. Interested friends can see small video I shot in the food inspection box Oh through the above comparison, the leaves that markets can be said to be a local relationship and our daily life closely. Even with the online shopping more convenient to buy food safe way to the market to buy food will not be completely replaced. But we have to keep their eyes open, as far as possible to choose the environmental health so that it is more likely to vegetable market, buy a good health food, ensure food safety of you and your family. But the leaves are now accustomed to secretly lazy, fresh raw materials on the selection of the Jingdong, direct delivery, convenient and safe. So, compared to the shopping environment, Jingdong fresh at least better than my home near the convenience market, temporarily win. The quality of the ingredients (packaging and freshness) food packaging market: the convenience food packaging market is also a lot of meat, fruits are still fresh, buy food if they experienced veteran come earlier, after his patient carefully selected, can choose fresh food.