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UnCategorized GED high school diploma is different from regular diploma. Almost all of the students who failed in a regular setting can apply to earn a diploma by passing the GED exam series. There is a requirement of at least passing with 60 percent in each exam subject. Students have to learn about each subject and passing in each subject is essential. There are different opinions on the GED and regular diploma. As it may be the case that a small number of employers consider it as inferior to a regular diploma. While students who are going to get admission in colleges or universities for higher studies, normally the colleges accept students with a GED though universities might have differing policies. Some colleges who are requiring some specialized subjects with high marks might ignore students with GED. Since the testing series has a series of subjects, therefore equal consideration in put on each subject. Students .pleting this program will not be going to have specialization in any particular subject unless they have regular diploma. In this entire situation, this is not discouraging to acquire a general equivalency diploma because it is designed to facilitate people who failed to get diploma and want to show that their qualification is equivalent to high school. About 98 percent of colleges and universities accept a general equivalency diploma as equivalent. The cost of GED diploma is much less. It starts from $10 to $75 and its exam could be given from anywhere. It inquires about knowledge on skills like reading, writing and subjects like mathematics, science, and social studies. All these subjects are equally important but a student with GED diploma is often said to be non-specialized in these subjects. At the end, it is apparent that GED is highly re.mended for people who have not time to join adult schools or to study online for their diploma. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: