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Medicine Discover the worlds most powerful technology in scar removal- SCARWIPER Imagine being able to literally wipe off your scars from your face with just a piece of fabric? Sounds like Sci-fi? Well it sure isnt. It is absolutely possible. In 1998, a group of Japanese researchers pioneered a study to check the feasibility of nanotechnology for use on skin care products and the study showed that nanotechnology could be used at an atomic level as a great cleaning agent for the skin, not just chemically but on materials. The basic idea back then was how to create a material that was a greater cleansing agent than that the world has ever known. What the Japanese did was to take a strand of fabric the size of a strand of hair and slice it 5000times in equal portions along its length. What resulted was a fabric material that is 1/5000th of a strand of hair. The worlds first. After creating a prototype, a controlled study involving people from all walks of life was conducted with the sole aim to determine if this nanomaterial could be used as a skin care product. Amazing results followed when Scarwiper was used: Visible scar reduction on client in less than 3 days Skin had ability to renew itself at a quicker rate Lesser acne and pimples Showed visible signs of wrinkle removal in certain subjects Inducing new skin cells to grow in an organised fashion as old skin is removed Removes grime, dirt, oil, bacteria and dust on the skin When .bined with cleanser of your choice, the nanotechnology material works to create nanobubbles along the strands of its fibers, allowing for deeper cleasing of the skin In fact, even for cases with severe scars, Scawiper also has a . positive effect on such cases. All one has to do is to take the material fabric, wet it and use it to wipe the face or region which you feel needs cleansing. Dead skin removal will take place and younger skin cells will grow in .anised fashion on the affected region. When used with cleanser for general skin health, nanobubbles will be created to deeply cleanse the pores, leaving skin grime and dirt free while removing acne and pimples. Dr Nicholas is skin care enthusiast and dermatologist.Very often, he is called upon as guest speakers to speak at several skin care seminars. He is also the author of several books such as Secrets of great skin revealed, secrets to making your skin glow naturallyNicholass free ebooks are jam packed with fantastic tips, articles and advice on how to get the skin you want. More recently, he is even one of the pioneers of a skin care technique that makes use of nanotechnology.Subscribe by sending a blank email to [email protected] or CLICK HERE for more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: