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Reference-and-Education So, you want to learn a new language? Great! Learning a new language can be a very rewarding task and open new worlds for you. However, we should remember that learning a new language to a high level of proficiency is no easy task and requires some commitment if you want the best chance of succeeding. To help you out right now, I want to give you two tips so that you will be successful in your endeavor to learn a new language. These two tips will hopefully prevent you from wasting precious study time when learning a new language. Lets jump right into the first tip Tip 1: Set aside study time everyday. When you learn a new language, it’s important that you study everyday, even if for just a little bit. It is much better to study 10 minutes everyday than to study for an hour once per week. By studying everyday, the language is kept fresh in your mind and you will be less likely to forget it. Also, studying each day keeps you on track if you study infrequently, it is likely you will forget a session or begin to lose steam in your studies of the new language. So, right now, make a pledge to yourself that you will study everyday, even if only for 5 minutes. Tip 2: Bring fun items when you learn a new language. Using just textbooks or classes can be boring and you will soon lose motivation to learn your new language. To counter this, you should do something you enjoy in your new language. For example, buy a magazine in the new language that pertains to a hobby of yours. Or, play a video game in the new language. Or, better yet, find a new friend that speaks the language. Any of these fun things will keep your motivation up and will make you learn a new language without realizing it since you’ll be too busy having fun or being interested in the item at hand. I hope these two tips point you in the right direction. Remember that learning a new foreign language is a task that takes a long period of time which can be frustrating but if you keep at it, you will be greatly rewarded in the end when you are fluent and can tackle any material or conversation that comes your way! Additionally, you will be surprised at the amount of fun that will come your way by taking the time to master a new foreign language. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: