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Home-and-Family Do you have a collection of things that belonged to your family or you bought at a flea market, auction or garage sale? Would you like to know if this collection would fit with your primitive country décor? This article will give you a better idea of the types of collections country decorators display and a few ways they choose to showcase them. Pictures – You may have tin pictures or some cardboard backed pictures sitting around your house or in your attic. Whether these pictures are of family members or if you purchased them, they will make a great display and conversation area for your home. Skeleton Keys – Skeleton keys can be individually hung on the wall with ribbons and arranged in a small grouping or placed in a shadow box. They .e in many different shapes and sizes. Quilts – Whether your quilts are family heirlooms made by your great grandmother or purchased at a flea market or holiday craft show, there are many ways to display them. You may choose to put them on a quilt rack that stands on the floor or maybe one that hangs on the wall. Or you may even wish to preserve them and keep them from the elements by storing them in a cedar chest. Bottles – Many things that are purchased in plastic containers today were once delivered in glass bottles. Since these bottles are no longer available to you they make a unique display. These can be found in antique shops and sometimes at garage sales and flea markets. A great way to display old bottles is in a window sill where the sun light shines through them or in an old wire milk bottle basket. Game Boards – Game boards were at one time made from wood. You can take a small or a large collection and hang them on an accent wall. You can use all checkerboards or mix and match your game boards. Kitchen Utensils – Whether you have antique spatula’s, whisks, cheese slicers, silverware or an item you’re not really sure what its purpose was, you can hang these things on a wall or along the underside of your upper cabinets. Many of these items will be.e a conversation piece as people try to figure out how they were used. Rug Beaters – Yes, women actually did use these at one time. Homes were not carpeted years ago, but they did have large rugs in their home. They would take them outdoors and use these to beat the dirt and dust out of the rugs. A wonderful place to display your rug beaters is up and down the walls in a stairway. Strainers – Many strainers you purchase today are made of plastic. The older strainers were made of metal and some were very elaborately designed with the holes making different designs. These make a great display when hung on the wall either in one central area or perhaps in the area above cabinets. Earthenware Crocks – Crocks can be very versatile items. You can use them as decorative accents, but you can also use them to store items, as well. You could put your knitting in one of them or you could store decorative yarn balls. Cookie Jars – Cookie jars have been around for centuries and .e in innumerable shapes, designs and themes. Cookie jars can take up a bit more space than some of the previously mentioned collections. Therefore they work well on top of cabinets or on shelving that is placed near the ceiling. A few other collections that .e to mind for primitive country design are postcards, clocks, garden tools, rolling pins, books, bird houses and cow bells. And now that you’re thinking about collections you could place in different areas of your home, go ahead and get started. If you have a collection, get it out and play around a little and see what you can .e up with. If you don’t currently have a collection you should now have a better idea of what you need to go shopping for! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: