Rong’an delicacy Culture Festival 19 days -21 days, even three days.-matlab 等高线�

Rong’an delicacy Culture Festival 19 days -21 days, even three days to be held next week in Rong’an hi delicacy Culture Festival! When it comes to food, what do you think of? Since it is a delicacy Festival, how can only satisfy the simple eat, what you see is big with iverson. Time: September 19, 2016 -21 (10:00 – 22:00) location: Changan County North Plaza (formerly kumquat greenhouse) tips: fish contest was held in the evening is the first to introduce the delicacy Festival heavy play — catch fish by hand game, believe that participated in this robe of naoyu Festival friends, remember that fish has enough joy, the delicacy culture festival held three days, have to catch a fish every day, let you fully experience the fun to catch fish. I would like to emphasize in particular, the scene caught all the fish to catch you, will be able to take home, the time of the contest, catch the most friends and get awards, do not want. Competition tickets can be obtained on the spot by participating in the interactive game, interactive game details are announced on the spot. Since it is a delicacy Culture Festival, of course, delicacy, during the event is absolutely chowhound paradise, all 12 towns in Rong’an delicacy day will gather, filter powder, burning sugar cane, crisp lotus, copper gourd cake, egg oil and so on, all is the door of the delicacy. No one is from the outside, maybe there are you familiar with the store. Eat a meal does not need to run to and fro pure Rong’an delicacy from the head to the other, eat enough, let you in Rong’an also experience a sensation of Nanning Zhongshan Road. See the delicacy, my stomach immediately roar, in addition to local delicacy, and Rong’an local specialty agricultural products and the electricity supplier. In addition to eat, there is a very interesting car market, car market is what everyone is simple to open their own car, loaded their goods with the tail box when the container, lined up along the side of the road, with a free market and taste, and set off point car music the feeling was awesome. This is totally different from the traditional market experience, whether sellers or buyers, happiness and sharing is the eternal theme culture here. The car trunk market recruitment is hot, second-hand idle supplies, crafts, homemade delicacy, exquisite interesting goods, musical instruments, tattoos, Manicure, clothing and so on, eat and drink, and enjoy the play, can participate, can join the car trunk market. The top 20 friends who join the market will give LED show lights, and this event will recruit 40 to 50 cars, the number of places is limited, like to hurry to sign up. Fair registration: Registration Tel: 15278824198 (WeChat sync) registration address: Rong’an Bridge Road No. 97 AIT media registration time: September 14, 2016 -18, the market is not only selling something, it is more important to the side of selling things while sharing happy here, you will encounter in the market also exudes art street cartoonist a singer, and anime theme ice cream truck, also)

融安美食文化节19日-21日连嗨三天   融安下周要举办美食文化节啦!说到美食大家心里想到的是什么呢?既然是美食节,怎么能只满足于简简单单的吃,小艾带你见识什么叫大场面。   时间:2016年9月19日-21日(10:00 – 22:00)   地点:融安县长安广场北路(原金桔大棚) tips:抓鱼比赛是在晚上举行   首先要介绍的是这次美食节的重磅玩法――徒手抓鱼比赛,相信参加过今年大袍闹鱼节的朋友们,想起那天的抓鱼欢乐至今意犹未尽,本届美食文化节举办三天,每天都有抓鱼比赛,让你足足的体验抓鱼的乐趣。小艾特别要强调的是,现场抓的鱼全部归你,抓到就能带回家,比赛时间内,抓鱼最多的朋友还有大奖拿,爽得不要不要的。   比赛入场券可以在现场通过参加现场的互动游戏获得,互动游戏详情以活动现场公布为准。   既然是美食文化节,当然少不了美食,活动期间绝对是吃货的天堂,所有融安12乡镇的美食在这天将齐聚一堂,滤粉、烧蔗、芙蓉酥、铜瓢粑、油蛋等等,全是家门口的美食。没有任何一家是来自外地,说不定这里面就有你熟悉的店家。   想吃一顿纯正的融安美食不需要东奔西走,从这头吃到那头就够了,让你在融安也体验一把南宁中山路的快感。   看到这些美食,小艾的胃立马发出咆哮,除了本地美食之外,还有融安本地的特产和农产品电商。   除了吃,还有非常有意思的车尾箱集市,车尾箱集市是什么鬼,简单点就是大家开着自己的小汽车,装上自己的商品用尾箱当货柜,沿着路边一字排开,带着一股欧美自由市场的味道,再加上点汽车音乐的衬托,感觉简直棒棒的。   这是和传统的集市体验完全不同,无论是卖家还是买家,快乐和分享是这里永远的主题文化。   目前汽车尾箱集市正在火热招募中,二手闲置用品、手工艺品、自制的美食,精美有趣的商品,乐器、纹身、美甲、服装等等,吃、喝、玩、赏,都可以参加,都可以加入汽车尾箱集市。前20名加入集市的朋友将赠送LED展灯,本次活动总共招募40至50辆车,名额有限,喜欢就赶紧报名参加。   集市报名方式:   报名电话:15278824198(微信同步)   报名地址:融安大桥东路97号艾特传媒   报名时间:2016年9月14日-18日   这个集市不仅仅是在卖东西,更重要的是在这里能一边卖东西一边分享快乐,在集市上你还将会遇到散发着艺术气息的街头漫画家、流浪歌手,以及动漫主题的冰激凌车,还有能让你眼前一亮的陶艺。   吃饱玩够还能去参加汽车展,本届美食文化节邀请了大志汽贸园加入,届时大志汽贸园将会在车展区域举行盛大车展,这里将展出40款各种品牌款式的私家车,看车也不用跑柳州了,美食节这天就能满足你,活动期间购车有优惠。   融安美食文化节可是一年只举办一次哦,说了这么多,有没有想约小艾一起去的,我们一起手拉着手从南吃到北,从北逛到南,然后抓鱼、玩车展游戏,这三天小艾要放肆的玩嗨一把。19日-21日融安广场北路,我们不见不散!(来源:融安圈)相关的主题文章: