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The city of Kunming to start   "salute the flag" – Yunnan channel: people.com.cn original title: Kunming City, the city started to salute the flag "pupils through the network to salute the flag and message signature. Reporter Liu Kaida photographed "Five Starred Red Flag", I’m proud of you! Five star red flag, I’m proud of you!" "I want to realize the glorious mission of" China dream ", study hard, grow up healthily, develop in an all-round way"…… 29, the city’s "salute to the flag ceremony held at the normal school Sakura language campus, school teachers and students participated in the activities. To celebrate the 67th anniversary founding of new China, deepen the "my China dream" theme education activities in the minors, cultivate and practice the socialist core values, the central civilization office, the Ministry of education and other five departments to carry out a "salute to the flag" online message signatures. Yesterday’s launch ceremony started in a grand ceremony, the Yunnan Armed Police Corps soldiers marched towards the flag pole, the flag raising standards in their action, the national flag rising. Five grade 1 Zhao Zifan said: "the first time to see such a solemn flag raising ceremony, the mood is particularly excited, in the future will certainly study hard, serve the motherland." Subsequently, the teachers and students came to the classroom computer on the Internet, carefully write down their message for the motherland. The event lasted from now until October 8th, the city’s juvenile students can log in Chinese civilization network, cctv.com, Chinese minors network website, salute the flag and message signature. At the same time, some schools will organize teachers and students to the patriotic education base and the Anti Japanese war ruins, ruins, memorial facilities and other places to carry out various forms of education activities. (Yang Yang) (Zhu Hongxia, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor) 昆明市全市启动 “向国旗敬礼”活动–云南频道–人民网 原标题:昆明市全市启动 “向国旗敬礼”活动   小学生们通过网络向国旗敬礼并签名寄语。 记者刘凯达摄   “五星红旗,我为你自豪!五星红旗,我为你骄傲!”“我要为实现‘中国梦’的光荣使命勤奋学习,健康成长,全面发展”……29日,全市“向国旗敬礼”活动启动仪式在师大附小樱花语校区举行,全校师生参加了活动。   为庆祝新中国成立67周年,在未成年人中深化“我的中国梦”主题教育实践活动,培育和践行社会主义核心价值观,中央文明办、教育部等五部门开展了“向国旗敬礼”网上签名寄语活动。昨日的启动仪式在一场隆重的升旗仪式中开始,武警云南总队的战士齐步走向国旗杆,在他们标准的升旗动作中,国旗冉冉升起。五年级1班的赵姿帆说:“第一次亲眼看见这么隆重的升旗仪式,心情特别激动,将来一定好好学习,报效祖国。”随后,师生们来到电脑教室,在网上认真写下自己对祖国母亲的寄语。   本次活动从即日起一直持续到10月8日,全市未成年学生可登录中国文明网、央视网、中国未成年人网等网站,向国旗敬礼并签名寄语。同时,部分学校还将组织师生到爱国主义教育基地和抗日战争遗址、遗迹、纪念设施等地开展形式多样的教育活动。(杨阳) (责编:木胜玉、朱红霞)相关的主题文章: