58 Booster Car co prosperity of the used car market puritans pride

58 booster car manufacturers to build the prosperity of the used car market in the morning of September 6, 2016, China Automobile Dealers Association Leaders with the media to visit the group of 58. During the 58 senior vice president of the group Mr. He Mingke made a speech to share, and with the Deputy Secretary General of the China Automobile Association, Shen Rong, deputy director of the second hand of the use of the operation of the car received a question from the media reporters Feng Feng, director of the 58. Share the scene atmosphere, in the Q & A exchange, in-depth study of the development mode and trend of China second-hand car industry. Used car market, said He Mingke, the capital market in 2014 or so began to invest in the used car industry, in 2015 reached a peak. It is estimated that the capital market in the past two or three years nearly $2 billion into an industry. This suddenly turns cold, because we found that this industry has many problems, and it bears bearish. But in the last one or two weeks there has been a tendency to pick up. He Mingke mentioned that the used car market will be a huge market, the capital market is optimistic about China’s future growth and scale. 58 car dealers rely on the mode choice and strategic layout of He Mingke believes that second-hand car electricity supplier development only two models, one is dependent on the car dealers, used car market to develop, a combination of online and offline mode; the other is a second-hand car dealer, to leave alone, engage in a pool, build a closed loop pure electric mode. 58 take the first, do information platform, do not participate in the transaction, only to car advertising, to help users choose car purchase. "The car business is a mainstay of the second-hand car industry, including second-hand car market, 58 second-hand car and they want to go, become a part of the whole industry. From the strategic point of view, the 58 will provide the appropriate help from the perspective of information, finance, tourists." He Mingke mentioned in the sharing meeting. 58 around the model and strategic initiatives around the above strategy, 58 city has two initiatives: first, rest assured that the next line service center. September 2015 first landed in Dalian, opened the online and offline mode, to the local car market to go inside the city to help car dealers to upload the source to the 58 city used car platform up. Two, detection. Through the use of the 58 city car inspection division to detect the body, to help regulate the use of second-hand car operators to rely on the testing center, providing loans to car dealers to help car companies to improve their service experience and service quality. 58 second-hand car around the car business to build services in response to the needs of the 58 used cars and car dealers, the use of the car by the circulation of the second line of inspection and certification, access to the center of the Automobile Association of the line certification authority, He Mingke said. So far, the center of the service center of the test center landed about 40 cities, covering the mainstream of China’s first tier cities and second tier cities. 58 firmly believe that the used car market will be a huge market, and strive to participate in the ecological chain of the car service providers to do a good job, so that car manufacturers to better serve the consumer used car service. 58 investment in a number of companies specializing in the use of off-site car logistics or detection, in order to solve the dilemma of second-hand car circulation. At the same time, the introduction of car loans, financial staging, real insurance and other financial services to help car dealers to solve the problem of off-site inspection, cross regional logistics vehicles and other issues. Chai"相关的主题文章: