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The British Film Institute awarded Ivan · Mcgregor "Humanity Award" Ivan · Mcgregor "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 13th (author: Chris Gardner) just at the Toronto International Film Festival screenings of his director debut "American Pastoral" (American Pastoral) Ivan · Mcgregor, has won the British Film Institute: Losangeles branch will be in this year’s British Film Academy Award on his first award in the upcoming film awards season, awarded him the "Humanity Award" (Britannia Humanitarian Award). The award ceremony will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 28th, the British comedy actor Jack · White Holzer will serve as the host, at the same time the award will also praise Ang Lee, Samuel Jackson and Ricky · L· · Gervais. According to the British Film Institute official, "humanity" award is to reward those "through the art form or position within the industry, actively promote the transformation of society, and to illuminate the important humanitarian problem" of the industry, had won the prize at the ·, including Iran TTS; Richard · Curtis, Tang · Chandler Colin Firth, Mark, · · Ruffalo and Orlando · Bloom. Previously, Ivan · Mcgregor on behalf of the United Nations Children’s fund to go to northern Iraq, Iraq and the effects of the conflict in Syria has brought to the local children’s life and study. "Ivan · Mcgregor is not only a versatile artist, and he also set an example, showing the influence of a person can be in the children’s lives." The British Film Institute Losangeles branch chairman Kieran · brin said: "in view of his recent activities in Iraq, and he promised to local children in the terrible state of battle for survival, he absolutely deserves this honor." Ivan · Mcgregor was born in Scotland Perth, he directed "American Pastoral" will be released in October 21st in the United States, the film also stars Jennifer · and Connally · Dakota; Fan Ning. (Translation: Dudu) [The Hollywood Reporter works ("works") of the Chinese translation rights and Chinese version of the copyright is owned by Tencent Inc owned exclusively. Without the authorization of the Tencent Inc, any organization, institution or individual shall be Chinese translation of the work or conduct reproduced excerpts or any other form of the use of works Chinese version, or the Tencent Inc will pursue its legal responsibility. Mobile phone news client Tencent] new movies, movie information, good global convergence, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies sent around!相关的主题文章: