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Chongqing housing authority does not assist the seizure of property by Kunming Guandu court fined 100 thousand – Beijing "a day called pay pay, we have no money machine……" In the morning, Kunming City, Guandu Court Executive Board came a sharp girl, a middle-aged woman shouting loudly in the corridor. Her son is inside the judge to pay, this is when the father should give the child support. Until her clamor gradually evolved into terrible abuse, a few judges and called out a warning this bailiff, she didn’t break down. This is the day before the court met reporters to interview scene. Since 3 months ago, the province’s court set off "basic implementation to solve the" storm, Guandu court executive board facing more heavy pressure, the province’s largest number of detained Lai Court, recently took a punch, in combat, a sample with sanctions Laolai style coercive measures. A housing authority refuses to perform the obligation of assisting them to a fine of 100 thousand yuan; a bank helped Laolai transfer of property, they as punishment is not wrong; but for the attitude, vile old Lai, they are detained or sentenced. The penalty refused to fulfill the duty of assisting the housing authority also as punishment is not wrong in May 25th this year, the Guandu court to the Chongqing city land resources and Housing Authority issued a "fine decision", the decision on a fine of 100 thousand yuan. After a government agency, in the implementation of the court is very rare. Why? Things from last year. Last year, together with the implementation of the case, the Guandu court executive judge issued a notice to assist the implementation of the Chongqing Housing Authority, hoping to seal up the executor of a real estate. Subsequently, the Council refused to assist in the implementation of the seizure of the house, and in the court of Guandu to serve on the back of the card stated: by inquiry, the house is not registered in the name of a high, can not be seized." Subsequently, the court of Guandu Guo Hong, Pu Jie two female judges came to a Chongqing City Housing Authority again, the query of housing ownership, housing is still found in the high of a name, the judge took immediate measures to preserve. The judge asked why the housing authority before the reply is inconsistent with the actual situation. Housing Authority official said, was because the system upgrade, no query. Guandu court held that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the civil procedure law, the Housing Authority has the obligation to assist the court for investigation and evidence collection, query, deduction, freezing of property and other acts of execution. The people’s court shall, in addition to ordering it to perform its duty of assistance, impose a fine on the person who refuses to perform its obligations, and may impose a fine on the person in charge or the person directly responsible for the offence. Chongqing, a housing authority’s behavior seriously hampered the implementation of the court, almost a major mistake, and did not provide evidence to prove that the system upgrade excuse. The decision to impose a fine. Guandu District Court of the executive secretary Zhou Dong said that the implementation of work requires a number of agencies and departments to assist and cooperate with, if they do not match, "two to three years to basically solve the difficult execution" is only an empty word. In order to punish the act of refusing to perform its obligations, we must use some severe measures and measures in accordance with the law. Not to assist the implementation of a small group of villagers was fined 20 thousand yuan last year, the text of a house due to divorce compensation Lei Lei相关的主题文章: