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"Chinese Bridge" won the praise of his wife called the Divine Comedy relay to lead the discussion of "Chinese Bridge" Sina entertainment news fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" Chinese World University Games have more than half of the fourth phase of the program was broadcast again for everyone to bring a different surprise, uncle series God question and then upgrade the audience get to the divine comedy routines, and then relay off friends hot tide, "melon drink mineral water a question of" interpretation "is the knowledge anywhereanytime strength". There is little doubt that the fourth phase of the program to obtain a praise as in the past, "n", "L" tongue twisters in advance release official blog with high forwarding, recall series received a lot of praise of his uncle, the show again not broadcast before the fire. This issue highlights a lot, "Chinese Bridge" again for the audience to open a window on new, many Chinese "blind spot" easy cleaning, interesting cultural double by the divine comedy by the audience, to highlight the great charm of Chinese culture again. Chinese unique call culture caused a big discussion and differences reflects the time development in the current period of "Chinese king" the first question relates to "several wives" name, host to promote homeopathy "wife" call on diversification. The ancient literati own wife called "my wife", "my wife", "wife", Chengdu people call his wife as "old girl", Shanxi called "Poyi", now called "wife online". Netizens said long experience, not only to the original ancient and modern "wife" called big differences, different regions across the country to call the "wife" and there are great differences, there are friends that the expert teacher down to earth know the popular online "his wife" title. Chinese culture has a long history, broad and profound, a "wife" call the title China pull diverse unique title for each culture, not only have specific kinship appellation, and a variety of kinship and appellation. At the same time, the teacher explained to the experts, and the difference is called "wife" reflects the Chinese era development and people’s ideological changes, the ancient low status of women as male accessories, so called multi demean inequality of taste; modern society Chinese greatly improve the status of women, men and women are thinking more and more popular, the male name for "wife" not only no derogatory meaning but also love and "flatter" meaning, such as the popular online to his wife called his wife". The surface subject investigation of basic culture, have the deep level of cultural and ideological change analysis, all issued — "learned words from the bottom of the heart". The Divine Comedy relay audience that awesome modern mass culture and network culture with Chinese international welcome in the last edition of the "Jiangnan leather factory" the Divine Comedy "Hi" over the field of foreign players, and in the network by the waves of hot and crazy forwarding. This shows the legendary Phoenix [micro-blog] classic Divine Comedy "over the moon" to the players and the audience surprise, cheerful rhythm of the song and the mood for foreign players to bring the enjoyment of hearing. The answer has just ended, the Divine Comedy Redubujian, Burma Zheng Jiajia with the standard tune word perfect sing "dazzle most folk style" and won thunderous applause, Ukraine has Ziru sing "my skateboard shoes" stunned the crowd. Netizens have surprised the original foreign players popular songs and network of modern popular Chinese)相关的主题文章: