Robocop film company with the same name as the security company to court-下北glory days

"Robocop" film company with the same name as the security company to court "Robocop" stills "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 27th (author: Eriq Gardner) a company called "Robocop limited liability company, specializing in the personal safety of the security company, with MGM’s OrionPictures company go to court, which has" Robocop "(Robocop) series of film copyright. Local time Monday, Robocop security company to seek a California federal judge made them no infringement of the declaratory judgment. A week ago on September 20th, OrionPictures’s agent Andrew · Thomas and Jenna · Bullock, was dedicated to the security company issued a warning letter. As a high-tech, through electronic technology to fight crime, you choose the "Robocop" as a brand name, obviously is the name has been a high-profile television drama "Robocop" banner." This warning letter wrote: "you know," Robocop "series of entertainment in the world has been very successful, this brand contains four movies, four TV series, five video games, and other wide range of souvenirs, goods and so on, and these are around a fight against criminals high tech machines." This letter also claimed that since 2014 since the restart, "Robocop" film series of the global box office has reached $242 million 700 thousand, won five Saturn awards, and in the past 30 years, the brand has always been a part of American pop culture in the undisputed. According to OrionPictures, the security company to use "Robocop" brand, through copyright infringement to confuse consumers. "Your company uses a stylized ‘robot’ image to promote your products, it is also confirmed that you plan to have their products with" Robocop "TV drama, video games and related products together." OrionPictures’s warning letter also added. For OrionPictures, this warning letter, "Robocop" security company has also officially responded: "Robocop" companies have sufficient reason to believe that we did not infringe Orion’s copyright. "Robocop" product has nothing to do with the entertainment industry, with Orion company devoted to the marketing of any product are not in conflict, "well-known Robocop" and recognition from personal security. Consumers choose our products, because the "Robocop" in the security aspects of innovation technology. "No contact Robocop" products with Orion company or Orion company’s products, Orion, there is no evidence that consumer confusion between the two, between our products and Orion products, "Robocop" that consumers can’t get confused." (Translation: Dudu) [The Reporter Hollywood]相关的主题文章: