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Give the thumbs-up! Female sanitation workers will clean the garbage to "shine" (Figure) sanitation workers Jin Chunxiang is sweeping trash original title: Fuzhou female sanitation workers will rub into the dustbin "glow" channel touched friends network November 3rd hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Xia Yuqing Wen Lin Dan) "a health aunt put the trash inside rub several times, are shining! Give you some praise! Fuzhou has your best!" Yesterday, the public Liu will see you in Fuzhou and Hua Hong Lu Hualin Road intersection of the touching scene on micro-blog. In the picture, a female sanitation workers are seriously cleaning the roadside trash, has been particularly clean, the sun shines as well as reflection. This micro-blog has received a lot of users forwarding and point praise. Netizens said, although she was just doing his job, but this kind of ingenuity, let a person especially warm heart. In the garbage will be careful, do not have the heart to waste sanitation workers work results." Yesterday afternoon, in Hualin road and Hua Hong Lu Road, the reporter saw, near the trash has been exceptionally clean and scrub. Roadside, dressed in a sanitation worker’s aunt is sitting on a break, she is the point of praise on the micro-blog sanitation workers. Her name is Jin Chunxiang, 51 years old, Hunan people, came to Fuzhou has been for the past eight years, the past more than and 10 years has been engaged in sanitation work. At 4:30 in the morning, aunt Kim is about to start, until noon to take over her husband, her husband sometimes something, do it yourself all day. 365 days a year, regardless of the weather. Every day, she will put himself in charge of garbage on the road carefully scrub again. "There is nothing to boast about, that is, get used to getting rid of the rubbish bin." Gold aunt laughed.相关的主题文章: