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"Avatar" Cao Zhengshi envy Kong Xiaozhen love by "chest" [Kong Xiaozhen] and jealous "Avatar" first Trailer [Kong Xiaozhen Kong Hyo Jin & #26362; #22893; Zheng & Zhao Zhengxi g] Tencent dipper entertainment news (Wen Qiaosen) "Avatar" jealousy, fired all of a sudden become free there are people in the industry Kong Xiaozhen ward met that no longer meet Zhengshi cao. It turned out that the two were due to "chest surgery" and come. Broadcast in 31 of the SBS drama "Avatar" envy, broadcast is declared with breast cancer (Li Huaxin Cao Zhengshi) for thoracic surgery and must watch Nelly (Kong Xiaozhen) met in the ward of the scene. In this episode, the weather bureau was dismissed Lina very sad, terrified, whole life into a pessimistic trough. After getting fired table Nelly news, Li Huaxin found a television director, will form to the director ratings, and questioned why the firing table nelly. The ratings statistics Li Huaxin handed the Secretary, Nelly table weather forecast when the ratings are very high. Li Huaxin will be sitting on the roadside drunk table Nelly back home, face Nelly "now to how to live ah, cannot eat the food" sighed, Li Huaxin didn’t say angrily, "then marry a good man". "Well," he replied, "even the job is fired, and I live in the attic". Two people are hiding their true heart, agreed that this is the last time to meet, and then separated. Li Huaxin went to the hospital to confirm whether they are really suffering from breast cancer in all women’s Hospital, Lee Hua Xinxian underwent ultrasound examination, then biopsy, Li Huaxin feel shy shy, and laugh at yourself to do this ridiculous check. Later, Li Huaxin heard colleagues say, nine points to participate in the interview of the news, but in the interview to submit a health certificate, he felt a little inexplicable uneasiness. Once again came to the hospital to see Li Huaxin confirmed breast cancer diagnosis was a great impact. Attending physician told Li Huaxin, is still so young, but also the 1 period, timely treatment or time. But Li Huaxin needed to be interviewed by the host, so he asked the doctor to keep an eye on his illness before the interview. Table Phoenixs diagnosis report must be received, resection of chest tumor. Table Nelly said, "even if not, will such a small chest incision, should also become smaller." Although the surface of a careless appearance, but could not conceal his bitter. In order to perform the surgery and was admitted to the hospital of Nellie, found adjacent beds were very strange, always will be two beds in the middle of the curtains tightly. Later, in the news table to see the table to change the table, and the bed next door, said the patient is not allowed to change the table, the table was startled by the man’s voice, opened the curtain to see, it was Li Huaxin. Two "hospital romance" kicked off.相关的主题文章: