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"Daylight box" released fiery tribute Yeh – Sohu entertainment in September 9th, "a letter to Stephen Chow’s letters" officially released in the Tencent video, it is the 82 gold starring film "daylight box". "Zhou’s comedy" magic attack, nonsensical comedy comedy reproduction of rivers and lakes, and how will it "laugh proud rivers and lakes. The passage of time, in full screen, red meat, you will feel time flies, haven’t been able to talk to Yeh open Wulitou Comedy era farewell, has rushed to another dimension? Never mind! "His comedy" the opportunity to come! After several years of deliberation, tension hatching, half the time of the shooting and production, the Ministry to Yeh salute, let the audience have been expecting for a long time, enough to make you smile dizzy in front of the screen movie "daylight box" finally meet with you! Gold 82 gold gold cast led by comedian: funny, we are serious! "Daylight box" to cast the film more refined, made from shooting to, all carefully modulated. In addition to the scene the cast is covered at all times and in all countries, let a person shine at the moment. The movie star, invited by a "Yeh" gold supporting said the 82 generation carrying gold weirdo Zhao hill, acting school niche relaxation starring, and new generation of beauty and a wave of comfortable and elegant beauty, handsome net red meat Co star. Such a powerful star cast, bound in this autumn to send "fruit laugh! Not only that, the film also uses a dual director form, combined with creative design directed by famous cutting-edge comedy director Luo Yingjie and Shenzhen famous media people, send deep mouth show founder Zhao Xiaoshan, the famous Hongkong film as art photographer Chen Shaoqiang guide. A letter to Stephen Chow’s letters!! the film is intended to pay tribute to Stephen Chow, the theme of language "a letter to Stephen Chow’s letters," Yeh gold supporting 82 Jinling Title stars salute yeh. In addition, the crew invited Jiang Xueer, a famous singer, to sing the theme song of the movie, "the movie of Stephen Chow". The story of the protagonist Zhou Xiaoxing’s box with daylight continued through the pursuit of your favorite goddess Qiu, unexpectedly came to modern, in order to return to the ancient times, he still tried It doesn’t help the situation. He met the modern punks Zhao Kai and Chen triggering the nouveau riche, a variety of interesting things?, until I meet a girl of his own fate: zixia. In the face of the crossroads, he would choose to return to the ancient regain dreams, or stay in the grasp of modern day love? Large production overseas real shooting · · cinema premiere! Now, the film has officially landed in September 9th Tencent video! It is understood that the "daylight box" crew not only through the ancient and modern, also went to Malaysia real shooting, breathtaking picture. Not only that, they also launched a large-scale theatrical premiere publicity, September 4th, "solar box" premiere (Guangzhou Railway Station) was held in September 11th, "solar box" (ShenZhen Railway Station) will premiere in bona studios (wongtee shop) held a grand! Shenzhen fans can visit the site, and the star close communication. By then, what will be the star appearance scene!相关的主题文章: