The ten point line car, Xu Jianyi finally ushered in the spring of corruption and millions of execut 申威1600

The ten point line: car, Xu Jianyi finally ushered in the spring of corruption and millions of executed [Abstract] every night at ten, the Tencent car take you at a glance today Jun line car circle important information. – the car ahead of schedule "are you ready to put the price of money after last year’s downturn in car city once again usher in a full-color" golden nine silver ten". According to the association data, in the first two weeks of September, the city’s retail and wholesale have maintained rapid growth, including daily retail sales reached 56 thousand, an increase of 40%. The average daily volume is reached 58 thousand, an increase of 43%. Eleven is coming, and a wave of Car Buying will usher in a frenzy, either the seller or the buyer has his own calculations. The layout of the new car prices to seize the market, dealers "bloodletting" promotion, about to buy a car is absolutely welfare! Xiao Bian believes that if you have the money, the self willed point, this time not to buy more when! • 13 car prices in South Korea called back to the delayed recall of the 110 thousand vehicles will be punished by South Korea on Wednesday announced the recall of the use of the high field of the safety of the airbag car, the recall of 13 car prices in. South Korean Ministry of transportation said that if these car prices are delayed recall there are security risks vehicles may be fined or 10 years of punishment. The airbag to protect passengers, if the quality is not good, anti compromised passenger safety hiddendanger, scared to think about. I hope this recall is fast and complete, and no one is hurt. The wall of the heart: – increase, the new COO "interrogation" qoros can solve the dual problem? No official news shows, qoros’s new COO (COO) in a few days ago to have been "low-key". Reporters from the inside of the car to confirm the view, the new COO Liu Liang has now arrived. Now the control of the situation is not optimistic, effective cost control may reduce the risk of sustained large losses become the last straw that breaks the camel’s view. Do not know whether the new COO can help to solve the problem to a certain extent, and how to further expand channels, increase sales has become a problem he must face. – the "rich" corruption: don’t want to run the morning of September 29, 2016, the Beijing first intermediate people’s court held a public hearing of the China First Automobile Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as FAW Group) chairman, former Party Secretary Xu Yi (click to view the latest figures News) bribery case. Beijing City People’s Procuratorate accused of illegally accepting others directly or indirectly give property totaling RMB 12 million 189 thousand and 740 yuan, Xu Jianyi pleaded guilty in court. Justice has long arms. This is good, in this small series of clapping. Shake it, Tesla! Because the mass "exhaust door" in many countries put forward more stringent NOx emission standards, causing diesel sales trapped, plus battery costs decline, and Tesla electric car electric car pioneer highlights the market potential, the mainstream of traditional car companies launched electric car offensive. So popular in the electric vehicle market, the traditional car prices have to share a cup of soup. Volkswagen, GM, Mercedes Benz, BMW and other traditional Malacca car prices were released its own electric car, visible electric car market will no longer thriving. Good!相关的主题文章: