TVB Star Award as the emperor and yellow egg after Nancy Wu (Figure) 三色网

TVB Star Award as the emperor and yellow egg after Nancy Wu (Figure) Sina entertainment news by TVB and Singapore and the horizon (StarHub) jointly organized the annual TV awards "star and Television Awards held on 22. Star and wireless TV Awards into the seventh year, continue to praise a lot of silent wireless artists. The nominated artist TVB some costumes, including Bobby Au-Yeung Chen Zhanpeng, [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Wayne Lai, Nancy Wu, Kenneth Ma, Vincent Wong [micro-blog], Edwin Siu [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Benjamin Yuen, Li Shihua, Chen Wei, Huang Zhiwen, Lin Xia Wei [micro-blog], Cao Yonglian [micro-blog] Grace Wong, Zhu Qianxue, Li Jia, Yang Ming, core [micro-blog], Liu Peiyue, He Guangpei and Huang Shuyi. The final "walled city of heroes" big win, "father out of the palace" followed, as the emperor for eggs, shared by Chen Zhanpeng and Wayne Lai. As for Nancy Wu, "the palace" father-in-law Cao Yonglian and Xia Wei won the supporting actor and actress award. Winners of "I love the TVB TV series": "the walled city of heroes", "my favorite actress: Nancy Wu" TVB "the walled city of heroes", "my favorite actor: Chen Zhanpeng" TVB "Wayne Lai," the walled city of heroes "father-in-law out of the palace" "I love the TVB actress: Lin Xia Wei" father out of the palace "" my favorite actor: Cao Yonglian "TVB" father out of the palace "" my favorite TV TVB female role: Yao Wenying (Kristal Tin [micro-blog], "II" ship decoration), Fang Ning (Huang Zhiwen), "justice", Yao Guisheng strongman (Chen Weishi), "Xiao Xiong", the flower man (Grace Wong), "Zhuang Yinger Ling Ruofei, the walled city of heroes" (Li Shihua), "accident", the morning wind skilled (Zhu Qianxue ornaments), "EU timeout task" "my favorite male character: TVB TV" (Xiao Zheng Luo Weixin Nan, "II" ship decoration), wind (Benjamin Yuen), "the walled city of heroes", ye Lang (Chen Haoshi), Qiao Aotian ("leader" trend, the young version) (Kenneth Ma), "Lawrence" (Ouyang Zhen ornaments), Bao Huan, "a house" (Vincent Wong Guan Dingming, Friends), "EU timeout task" "I love the TVB variety show": "I Suk my food" Singapore "I love TVB information program": "in that distant place in Cuba:" "I love the TVB variety show host Carol Cheng:" [micro-blog], the farmer (Lu Yong [micro-blog] and Mr. C) "Do" sister "I love TVB screen couple": Chen Zhanpeng, Nancy Wu, Benjamin Yuen, Grace Wong "TVB progress artist": Li Jiaxin, Yang Ming TVB "best newcomer": Liu Peiyue, He Guangpei "I love TVB As the drama song ":" never know you "(" the walled city of heroes "), Nancy Wu Singer: Chen Zhanpeng" sexy charm Award: Zhu "perfect curve Award: Lin Xiawei (commissioning editor: Sisi)相关的主题文章: