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For passengers, walk through the city to share, only for the most beautiful words of love a line to you – the Sohu of tourism movie "bridge lover": "the person in the dream, wake up when it should go to see him, life is so simple." The scenery in the dream, when you wake up to see. There is always a romantic place in the world for you, whether it is walking alone, or someone to accompany, these romantic cities will make you enjoy a different journey. Burma – Bagan > > Bagan was the capital of the kingdom of Bagan in the 9-13 century AD, the city of Bagan has more than ten thousand Buddhist temples, temples and pagodas. Although the event is no longer, but there are still more than 2 thousand seats left in the green fields of tottery. Climb one seat to wait for dawn, Santa Rock is a good choice, at dawn, the earth suddenly showed a bright yellow one? Well, love heart. Italy – amalfitana > > in the so-called world’s most romantic country of Italy, the most romantic place is Naples’s Amalfi Coast is. The mysterious green cliffs, beautiful tranquil town like pastel was leaning against the blue bay, its beauty is a deterrent. Luo village is by Ravi opera composer Wagner’s favorite place, and believe that ring related issues have not beat him. India – Udaipur > > palaces, mansions and temples Pichugin pull the shores of the lake magnificent buildings, lake is the Lake Palace Hotel where the white building as if floating on the surface like romantic. Here is the original members of the royal house, is now a luxury hotel, is here to express your love. Sicily > > a "Legend of Sicily" is not enough to reflect the beauty of it. In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, far from the mainland Sicily for us is full of mystery, here in addition to sunshine, blue eyes with water, warm and friendly residents, as well as Europe’s largest volcano, Mount Etna volcano (Etna). Florence > > although Florence pocket, but the city of the glorious birth of Dante, Michelangelo, Da, Finch, Galileo, Machiavelli these masters. Art lovers come to see Rafael, Titian, Michelangelo and other artistic giant creation of paintings and sculpture style. If you are lucky enough to visit this place with your lover, I believe that the cozy and romantic will be the most precious memories of the two people. The city is full of art, making the city itself a work of art. Sri Lanka > > Sri Lanka is one of the myriads of changes and wonderful an earthly paradise, a riot of colours the sights and sounds of nature with crisp fragrant spices, courteous and accessible smile, peaceful and tolerant culture and try to integrate the religious background. Churchill once described her as " the Pearl of the Orient, " and Sri Lanka’s own shape is a drop of water, like a cut diamond. Sri Lanka相关的主题文章: