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The father in the family investment, how to affect the child’s life – mother and father in the Sohu in the lives of their participation, the close relationship between the formation and personality of the child’s cognitive and behavior, adults have a close relationship. Compared with father family in general, the degree of participation in the insufficient family father, such as "father absence" and "father" (father deficit) the growth of the children in the family, will be subject to a series of negative effects, such as the cause of the father hunger complex (father hunger). The influence of · on the mental health of the Father also affects the child’s mental health. In the incidence of depression, growth in intact families but the father low participation of children the incidence of depression is higher than that of single mothers raising children, and his father is well related to children’s three times, two times the average in the relationship between father and child (Wilcox, 2013). Compared with children who received normal attention and control, the prevalence of alcohol, substance abuse and other addictive disorders, disruptive behavior, impulsivity, and conduct disorders increased (Lamb, 2004). · the relationship between the father and the child, which affects our intimate relationships in adulthood, can also have a profound impact on the intimacy of a child’s adult relationships. Generally speaking, if the child (especially in childhood) can get support from his father, then the possibility of entering into a close marriage can be greatly improved in the adult. Father is the first male image of the child’s life, his image will give his son and daughter to set up a man should look like, he will be the way to learn the child’s template. Research shows that if the father and mother with the housework at home, no matter what is the sex of the child, are more likely to form a good view of women; at the same time, the father’s daughter grew up after the self-esteem level is higher, more confident that they deserve to be loved. They are also more ambitious and have higher expectations of self-development (Croft, 2014). The pattern of attachment to our father and mother also affects the attachment patterns of the older and the other. In the attachment theory, the relationship between parents and infants is the earliest established in the life of the attachment in the attachment, father and mother will affect the child’s attachment to the child’s level of response, if the response degree is high, children are more likely to develop into safety; if there is a party to respond to the needs of children low level, or to children may develop into One principle runs through it all., insecure attachment (Fraley, 2007). For her daughter, the relationship with the father is the first to establish a relationship with the male, so the father’s character is likely to affect the (heterosexual) daughter’s intimate relationship. In the intimate object selection, she will take the father as a reference: it may be looking for a person like her father in behavior as a partner, may also choose a contrary to his father’s men. In addition to the museum with his father相关的主题文章: