150 counties of Taiwan City Youth calligraphy works will be exhibited in the new network in Xiamen stanley博士的家2

150 counties of Taiwan City Youth calligraphy works will be exhibited in Xiamen – Beijing, Beijing, August 29 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Yang Fushan) 2016 "China Passion? Chinese dream" mid autumn exhibitions and activities will debut next month in Xiamen, the exhibition came from more than and 150 counties and cities in Taiwan as a Youth Calligraphy works, this is Taiwan the museum exhibition of calligraphy youth held for the first time in the island, become one of the highlights of this exhibition series of activities. Sponsored by the Chinese Federation and the Xiamen municipal government, Chinese Federation of domestic Liaison Department, Chinese Association, Chinese Calligraphers Association, Fujian Provincial Federation, the Federation of Xiamen, Siming District of Xiamen City Government hosted the 2016 China Passion? Chinese dream "the Mid Autumn Festival is scheduled to be held on September 1st in Xiamen, on both sides of the Strait, Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Chinese painting and calligraphy artist in Xiamen, together with a rare spiritual feast and the feast of art. Siming District government contractors in 29 days here revealed that the performance of series of activities include opening ceremony, "China Passion? Chinese dream art calligraphy exhibition, painting and Calligraphy Association" pen and China Passion? China dream show sympathy four content, which is one of the works of calligraphy art exhibition, Taiwan New Youth Calligraphy Exhibition, exhibition in Taiwan Youth Calligraphy 150 works, these works are held in Taiwan each county primary school calligraphy contest winners, from the second grade primary school to middle school in grade eight, students of all ages are participating. Siming District government officials said, the art of calligraphy exhibition will showcase more than and 700 pieces of painting and calligraphy, divided into the "China Passion? China dream" painting and calligraphy exhibition activities, exhibition, exhibition review inscription calligraphy scroll exhibition, art exhibition, calligraphy and calligraphy exhibition in Hong Kong and macao. The exhibition will display the inscription inscription, Hong Xiuzhu, Zhu Lilun and other 28 well-known Taiwan people. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan calligraphy exhibition, then the introduction of Hong Kong and Macao calligraphy works 186, including Taiwan art works of 79. Wu Boxiong, Wang Jinping, Chan, Zhu Lilun, Hong Xiuzhu, Lin Zhongsen, Jiang Bingkun, Hu Zhiqiang and other 28 well-known Taiwan people gladly wrote the inscription congratulations to the "China Passion? China dream" theme exhibition. The art of calligraphy exhibition in Xiamen exhibition, will go to Taiwan tour at the end of this year. "China Passion? China dream" is the Mid Autumn Festival China Federation brand art project, since 2003 have been carried out in the China Passion Song Collection concert, cross-strait youth singer contest, Chinese painting exhibition letters and other activities, have a wide impact at home and abroad. Xiamen city in 2014 to five consecutive (2014 to 2018) Co sponsored "China Passion? China dream" Mid Autumn Festival hosted by Siming district. (end)相关的主题文章: