Wen Xi Lao Jie Wen Zhong hideway 小坂めぐる

Wen Xi Lao Jie Wen Zhong hideway Sina micro-blog 10:35 in October 10, 2016 to | tourism Wen Xi is the spring and Autumn Period famous strategist Wen Zhong hideway, heard Wen Xi Yishanbangshui, the environment quiet, so I want to find out. The bus arrived at Zhenhai, about forty or fifty minutes away from the concrete jungle city, began to feel not the same as local flavor. After getting off the bus, walk into Wen Xi Street, river street can see at a glance. (from the introduction of Wen Xi irrigation water) the number of stone bridge connects the two sides of the river, the ancient river port still flowing, stone masonry embankment is still strong. The old man on the bridge under the bridge old woman clothes, chat, a touch of the sun, the ancient river street, people do not consciously slow down, quietly sitting on the bridge, myself. (big Zhang Bridge) Street Pier by stone staggered layer, stone deck bridge straight connection, East and West were engraved "ancient bridge" and "Zhang qiao". A bridge two, apparently rebuilt many times so. Tongji is accessible exchanges of Italy, as the bridge name in Tongji, is very common in the south. (Linhe Street) according to historical records, the song and Yuan Dynasties, Wen Xi apart from the forest of shops, bars, pubs, there are a lot of wine, dyeing, weaving and other workshops, bamboo, wood, iron, silver, copper and other handicraft industry is also developed. During the Lunar New Year day, on the street, the ship bridge, everywhere filled with goods, aquatic products and new objects, the excitement of the city street, more than. (street barber shop) today, not more than two mile long street, only the grocery, cotton, palm products, barber shop, life is still operating. But you can faintly see the street once brilliant. Wen Xi Street barber shop, is said to have a hundred years of history, the shop of the old objects also exudes the ancient atmosphere, vaguely can find several time print from. (street residents) go to the "hometown style bridge", this is a more simple, two long pieces of slate tile, no bridge, this bridge is the most common old river on the bridge shilianghe. According to an old man living in the North Bridge, the bridge was built by local scholar Guo Yuheng in the early Republic of china. An ordinary bridge, dubbed the "hometown of language" four words, let the people of Dayton awe. (Multilingual hometown bridge) Qing Dynasty poet Feng Ruting had a poem: "Wen Xi water, more rumors in the. The mountains more than domineering, house but ruins. Sudau speech in Zhanjiang who hate is like. How to distinguish the Zou Ying, heavy sob?." This is a good language hometown, why to distinguish is still Zou Ying? (early morning work for the elderly) morning dew street, yet dry, soil mixed with moss smell floating in the air. At this point, there are also accustomed to getting up early in the morning, the end of the early morning work, go home to enjoy his wife to do breakfast. If not there, I can feel the quaint and quiet and happy and pleased with oneself. The street is too old, the corners are hidden in the traces of history, and these traces are waiting for you to find. Source: [Sina] Zhenhai tourism tourism statement this license without authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced excerpts or otherwise use.相关的主题文章: