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Ten pregnant mother of nine pregnant women calcium calcium, what to eat best? – many Sohu maternal pregnant women after pregnancy appear joint pain, leg cramps and other bone problems, this is the body of calcium from the early warning. The content of calcium during pregnancy need is increasing from 800mg to 1000mg, only the calcium content, in order to guarantee the normal development of the fetus, pregnant women and fetal health. Calcium deficiency, not only hurt the pregnant women, it is the development of fetal fetal bone in 1 fetus is blocked inside a mother’s body can not get enough calcium, it is prone to congenital laryngomalacia, the disease will appear in children after abnormal snoring. In addition, calcium deficiency can also cause fetal hair of pregnant women was low, slow growth, poor resistance, rickets and other issues. 2 pregnant women with osteoporosis if women to calcium deficiency during pregnancy, fetal growth and development needs, will get calcium from the mother’s bones, long time will appear so pregnant backache, leg cramps, legs paralysis, loose teeth and other symptoms due to calcium deficiency, may cause osteoporosis, syndrome of postpartum severe pregnancy induced hypertension. 3 fetal tooth development slow ‘calcium severe, will also affect the baby tooth development. Your baby’s teeth are beginning at 6 weeks of gestation and development, to 16 weeks of pregnancy -20 weeks or so, beginning gradually development of permanent teeth. About the baby, completely at the mercy of the root forming needs two years before the time of milk, so that the child is 2 years old at the mercy to make teeth all the long Qi, and permanent teeth demand about ten years time. So, if the mother’s body calcium deficiency, it will directly affect the baby after the tooth development. Ten pregnant mother nine calcium body majority of calcium is stored in bones and teeth, and then continuously through the cells to release to the soft tissue and blood, calcium is also in constant renewal cycle. Not only in the body of pregnant women in the continuous updating of calcium, fetal bones and teeth are also constantly calcification, especially after 8 months of pregnancy more quickly. Maternal fetal transmission calcium up to 49.7g. According to the survey data show that the association of nutrition: pregnant women calcium gap up to 600mg. The calcium intake was only 1/3 of the recommended amount. The data showed that 100% of the pregnant mother is in danger after delivery of calcium. If the parent for calcium deficiency, can only carry from pregnant mother bones or teeth to the fetus, it is easy to cause pregnant women suffering from osteomalacia, and fetal bone development susceptible to rickets. The golden rule since calcium calcium supplementation during pregnancy are less important for pregnant women and babies, so what should be scientifically calcium? 1 more than the sun every day from time to time to outdoor sun, especially to the autumn season, during photosynthesis, the body can get more vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium, let the fetus teeth bone development to be more robust, to prevent the emergence of congenital rickets and dental caries. In addition, if the sun at the same time appropriate exercise, the effect is better. 2 high calcium diet women from the beginning of pregnancy fifth months can drink 250ml of milk (yogurt) or formula milk, eat more rich.相关的主题文章: