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"Down" the mutual recognition of the fund after the Spring Festival or intensive released (list) – fund channel has been allowed to the south of the mutual fund (as of February 12th) (source: Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission website Fang Li tab) Chinese fund newspaper reporter Fang Li the end of 2015, the first batch of 3 "south" funds are selling market in Hongkong, opened the A shares of the fund the "south" of the big screen. Before the Spring Festival, there are more than just holding the "south" pass mutual funds eager with this month the two banking fund company’s 4 funds have been listed, mutual fund is about to set off a round of spring. "One of our company’s products has been approved, and is planned to be launched after the spring festival." According to a large fund company in Shenzhen before the Spring Festival, at present the company "mutual fund launch process has been completed, only to determine the date of sale. Similarly, a Hongkong area sales agency said recently, there is a Shenzhen fund company’s recognition of the fund plans to invest issued at the end of February. "In January this year, A shares fell larger, fell out of a certain value. Hongkong market investors and some foreign institutions to A shares layout interest in ascension, especially the Spring Festival effect is expected to let A shares show a small summer, this may be the recent A shares mutual recognition fund choice at this time the main reason for the south." A fund company in Shenzhen said. However, according to insiders, the introduction of the "south" fund sales is very small, negative impact on the subsequent "down south" fund, but also makes many institutions more cautious on the sale time choice. A subsidiary of Hongkong Fund said that the mainland continued to loose monetary policy and continue to introduce the economic reform measures, and investors will be savings into the stock market wealth to have become a trend, the positive factors supporting the A shares, a lot of funds in Hong Kong to layout A market. However, the current performance of the A stock market has dragged down the sales of mutual recognition funds, and the market is waiting for the arrival of the "good start" of the monkey year. According to the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission disclosure information, as of February 12th, a total of 25 mainland fund has been recognized by the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission, can be sold in Hongkong. At present, the fund issued sales documents in addition to the first batch of 3 listed only, and, the JP Morgan emerging power (373010, fund), JP Morgan wheeled industry, INVESCO the Great Wall core competitiveness fund. Not only that, there are many fund companies continue to set up "H class" share of blue chip fund to layout mutual recognition business. According to the announcement, January, Castrol added H class fund shares and modify the fund contract, trusteeship agreement, in December last year, Castrol research fund also added H class fund share. From the current point of view, these "south" A share funds are long-term equity products. A fund subsidiary of Hongkong said, A share market decline this year, the investment value also has considerable attraction. "I contacted many institutions and high net worth customers are interested in A shares, but also need time to get used to the A shares of the product investment style, the future of this piece of business space is great."

“南下”互认基金春节后或密集出炉(名单)-基金频道 已获准南下的互认基金 (截至2月12日)(数据来源:香港证监会网站 方丽 制表)  中国基金报记者 方丽  2015年底,首批3只“南下”基金正式在香港市场销售,拉开了A股基金“南下”的大幕。春节前,已有多只手握“南下”通行证的互认基金跃跃欲试,随着本月下旬两家银行系基金公司旗下4只基金陆续上柜,互认基金即将掀起一轮春潮。  “我们公司的一只产品已拿到批文,计划在春节后推出。”据深圳一家大型基金公司人士春节前表示,目前该公司“互认”基金推出的流程已经完成,只待确定发售日期。同样,一位香港地区销售机构人士表示,近期有一只深圳基金公司旗下的互认基金计划在2月底投入发行。  “今年1月份A股跌幅较大,跌出了一定价值。香港市场的投资者和部分外资机构对A股布局的兴趣在提升,尤其是春节效应有望让A股呈现小阳春,这可能是近期不少A股互认基金选择此时南下的主要原因。”深圳一家基金公司人士说。  不过据业内人士表示,前期推出的“南下”基金销售量非常小,对后续的“南下”基金造成负面影响,也令不少机构对发售时间的选择更加谨慎。  有香港基金子公司人士表示,目前内地持续宽松的货币政策及陆续推行的经济转型改革措施,加上投资者将积蓄投入股市的财富转向趋势,都成为支撑A股的积极因素,不少在港资金愿意布局A股市场。不过,A股市场当前的表现拖累了互认基金的销量,市场都在等候猴年“开门红”的到来。  据香港证监会披露信息显示,截至2月12日,共有25只内地基金已经获香港证监会认可,可以在香港销售。目前发布了销售文件的基金除了第一批上市的3只外,还有上投摩根新兴动力、(373010,基金吧)、上投摩根行业轮动、景顺长城核心竞争力等基金。  不仅如此,还有不少基金公司继续对旗下绩优基金设置“H类”份额来布局互认业务。根据公告,1月份,嘉实成长增设H类基金份额并修改基金合同、托管协议,去年12月份,嘉实研究精选基金也增设了H类基金份额。  从目前来看,这些“南下”A股基金均属于长期绩优的权益类产品。一家基金香港子公司人士表示,A股市场今年来跌幅较大,投资价值也具备相当的吸引力。“我接触到的不少机构和高净值客户都对A股表现出兴趣,但还需要时间去习惯A股产品的投资风格,未来这一块业务空间很大。”相关的主题文章: