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Window 7 is the latest version of Windows operating system released in 2009. It has included number of features to ease your work. The Plug and Play Technology is one of them, it let you quickly install or connect your printer to the computer using Universal Serial Bus (USB). When you connect your printer to the computer, the plug and play technology automatically configure the printer. If the Window could not be able to install the printer, wizard will start automatically and search your computer for the driver installation or connect to the internet and starts downloading the suitable driver for your printer. If the Wizard still could not find the driver, it will ask you to insert the CD including the driver of your printer. Instructions for adding painter in Window 7 Steps for connecting printer using USB port Step 1 Give power supply to you printer. Step 2 Press the “turn on” button of your printer. Step 3 Connect one end of the USB (universal serial bus) cable with the printer. Step 4 Now you have to plug in the other end of USB cable in your computer. Wait for a while the computer will detect your printer and automatically try to install the driver, if it fails to search the driver software for installation, it will ask you to insert the driver CD accompanied with the printer in your optical disk drive for the installation. Step 5 Installation process should not take much time, wait until the installation process is over. Step 6 When installation is over, restart your computer that will help in configuring your printer completely. Steps to connect a wireless printer Step 1 Turn on your printer and make sure that it is set up to connect wirelessly. Step 2 From the Window menu, select the Device and the printers. Step 3 A new Window will appear with the list of attached printer, see through it and make sure that new printer is already attached or not, if not click on add a printer. Step 4 Click on add a network, Bluetooth or wireless printer option, now Window will start searching for available wireless printers. Step 5 From the available list, select the desire printer and click the next button. The Window will automatically install the appropriate driver for your printer. Step 6 Now you have to add a name for new printer or accept the name provided by the Window, click next to install. Step 7 Click on Finish button to complete the installation. Tips Before installing your device, always read the instruction book included with device, to ensure whether the driver should be install before or after connecting the device. Mostly Window automatically detects any new device connected to the computer and tries to install the driver. However in some cases device driver should be installed before connecting the device. Always ensure that USB port has enough power to support your device before connecting it to USB port. The device which can transfer large amount of data like external hard disks, video camera, Scanner should be connected to the high speed USB2.0 port, for its best function. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: