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Health It is not very uncommon to hear of people suffering from the disease called ‘Piles’. Indeed hemorrhoids, commonly called Piles is a growing threat. Statistics show that almost fifty percent of the American population has suffered or is likely to suffer from hemroids. As shocking as this might be, it is true. And the biggest reason for the increasing number of Piles patients is because of the greater susceptibility of people to suffer from constipation which occurs as a result of the modern sedentary lifestyle that includes unhealthy food with no exercise. Hence, easing constipation is one of the most effective ways of all the different forms of cure for hemroids. The hemroid problem is further increased if constipation is a recurring problem. This is because hard stool damages the walls of the rectum. When you start noticing the symptoms of hemroids, cut down on oily and fatty foods as these can increase the constipation. Instead, opt for a diet that is rich in fiber, fresh fruits and lots of greens. Since water can ease out the bowels, it’s very important to drink at least two liters of water everyday in order to get your bowel movements back to normal. Research has also proved that homosexual males are more at risk to hemroids than heterosexual males. Also known as hemorrhoids, hemroids are very painful growths in the rectum. These growths have to be treated early in order to ensure that they do not develop into something even more dangerous for the health. Even though the best cure for hemroids is making a major dietary change, patients can opt for other ways too. Other medical methods used to treat hemroids include certain anal creams that ease the pain, causing a cooling sensation. These are very easily available in pharmacies, often without any prescription. Taking hot baths or application of ice packs in the affected areas also works wonders in the treatment of hemroids. Apart from these medicines, you should take good care of yourself and make it a point to have food that is rich in fiber, sit only on comfortable cushions to reduce pain, take warm baths and consume certain herbs or apply cool herbal packs which have the power to cure hemroids naturally. Acupuncture is also considered to be a cure for hemroids that works very well. However, if all else fails, you have to opt for surgical removal of the hemroids. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: