44Retaining induced landslides become dangerous residents to housing and Land Bureau News – Sohu|Retaining induced landslides become dangerous residents to housing and Land Bureau News – Sohu7

Retaining induced landslides become dangerous residents to housing and Land Bureau – Sohu news Langao county government of Shaanxi province for the governance of a landslide prone areas decided to implement retaining measures, but due to the construction side did not regulate the construction triggered landslides, caused by the foot of the hill a residential building in more than and 10 residential houses were subjected to varying degrees of damage. Identification shows that one of the reasons causing the landslide, the construction side of the anti slide column is not taken corresponding precautions. Yang Yongqin and other residents of the housing where the residential building foundation deformation, settlement and displacement, the upper wall of the tilt and cracks, security for the dangerous level, it is recommended to dismantle. Yang Yongqin told the surging news (), the time of the incident, she has just moved into a new home in less than a year, in the face of such dangerous, she had to take the family moved out. April 2015, Langao County People’s government resettlement Yang Yongqin and other three houses damaged the most serious residents living outside the house. Later, the two sides on several occasions to deal with the disposal of damaged houses and compensation issues, did not reach consensus. In March 28, 2016, the three residents of Langao County Land Resources Bureau and water conservancy construction company sued the Langao Huahai County court. In September 22, 2016, Langao County Land Resources Bureau office director surnamed Chen governance crisis to surging news said that the matter is currently being negotiated deal, "the court ruled that the corresponding responsibility we will shall be liable for compensation for the." Governance will lead to danger, more than and 10 houses were damaged in the Yang Yongqin living in the countryside, she said, in order to let his daughter to school in the county, in 2013, home loan to buy a house in Langao County Chengguan town of bamboo and rattan factory hospital, 2014. Did not expect to live in a new house would soon become dangerous. The small white tiger rock outside the Taketo plant is a typical slope debris flow area. Yang Yongqin said that in July 2013, after the occurrence of small white rock landslide danger, Langao County People’s Government in order to prevent the expansion of the danger, decided to take measures to protect the project. After an open tender, Shaanxi Huahai Water Conservancy Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huahai water company) in April 5, 2014 to start the implementation of the project. August 2014, Yang Yongqin, who lives downstairs in the field of work is to work, his family called him and said, "the house had an accident, the house behind the mountain collapsed". Jian Dingcheng hurried home, found the bamboo and rattan plant outside the small white tiger rock collapse occurred in the hospital, the whole building tilted to the northeast, the housing wall cracks and deformation, Liang Zhu, "I can not open my door". Jian Dingcheng neighbor Chen Zheng told the surging news, in late September 17, 2014 8 and early December 1st 5, under construction in excavation area and have occurred two times of slump. 16 houses in the hospital are subject to varying degrees of influence, there have been large and small cracks. "We live in dilapidated houses, as in a heap of explosives, night to wake up several times, if there is a cat is frightened." Chen Zhengcheng, he had more than and 10 affected households have repeatedly reflected to the Langao county government, the other did not give a clear answer. April 2015, Langao county civil affairs"