38Barcelona exposure amazing 2018 free transfer plans to dig Real Madrid Icon|Barcelona exposure amazing 2018 free transfer plans to dig Real Madrid Icon9

Barcelona exposure amazing 2018 free transfer plans to dig Real Madrid icon Barcelona goal ISCO sina sports Saturday in Spain "world sports daily" reported that Barcelona are paying close attention to the Real Madrid player ISCO, Malaga people and Real Madrid’s contract expires in 2018, Barcelona have the opportunity to free the introduction of him, and Barcelona senior level and potential easco of love. Messi is not only a contract expires in June 2018 but have not yet been renewed with the club’s players, the situation is so easco. Now there are many clubs on ISCO, including barcelona. "Sports world" pointed out that the level of doubt easco, his passing and breakthrough ability is very good, also only 24 years old this year, this is the love of Barcelona, in addition, if I decided to end easco consumption contract with Real Madrid, Barcelona will not spend the organic transfer fee was introduced to him, of course, in order to attract easco, Nokamp must give him a low fee sign. Barcelona club technology sector is very understanding of the ISCO, before he joined the club in 2013, Barcelona will have the opportunity to introduce him. Barcelona club president Ba Tomei U is also very love easco, Barcelona president understand, if I can finish this sign, that no coach is put forward objections. After Figo event, there are not undermining the unspoken rule between Barcelona and Real Madrid, but sometimes the rules will face a break, such as Real Madrid want to poach Neymar from barcelona. In addition, Real Madrid were free from Barcelona Saviola introduction. If easco joined in 2018 Barcelona, the 26 year old when he was received at the age of 34 Iniesta class. Two technical characteristics of some similar. "Sports world" said Isko and the people around him do not close the door to anyone, he currently has three options: the first is that if Real Madrid promised to give him 10 million euros, he with real renewal; second, if Real Madrid wanted to get the transfer fee, Isko will move in 2017; third, Isko depletion and Real Madrid, free to leave. Easco and the people around him know, Barcelona have been concerned about him, but he also felt that Real Madrid in the contract with him that some worry. Whether the future reuse or ISCO, next summer will be sold to the Premier League club, Real Madrid must as soon as possible and easco renewal. And if the easco sold to Premier League clubs, that Real Madrid are bound to join the "anti Barcelona" clause in the contract, previously sold Di Maria to Manchester United had joined this clause. Easco and his family also know that if the direct transfer to Barcelona, the situation will be very difficult in the future, he will become a target for all the Real Madrid fans. Nevertheless, there are still various possibilities, and ISCO has made his father and agent Paco Alarcon don’t talk about the renewal of the problem. For easco renewal, Madrid media news is not uniform, Searl has received the radio said easco Real Madrid contract, but Kobe radio said, Isko did not receive club contract. (Sergio)