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300 years of the Qing Dynasty "Qingchuan College" is now read aloud today Wuhan third Academy was established by the ancient private or official lectures from the. The earliest college can be traced back to the Song Dynasty four colleges, namely, Shigu White Hart (Monday Songyang), day, Yuelu Academy. Since the Ming Dynasty, the academy has set up a subsidiary for learning, and the number is increasing. Wuhan college, the more famous are the heart, Jianghan, Qingchuan, Hunan Hubei Academy etc.. Last week, reporters came to Wuhan third, looking for traces of Qingchuan College ". Wuhan entered the gate of the three, engraved with the "Qingchuan academy" stone carving on the eye. Go not far, step on the right side is the Wuhan third school archives, history room, the reporter learned that, Wuhan third is the predecessor of "Qingchuan academy". A book in Ming and Qing Dynasties, Hanyang’s largest college "Hanyang history and culture" in Hanyang, the college began in the Southern Song Dynasty Jiading nine years (1216) before and after the call, Fengshan college, Hanyang was in the yellow dry place in that lecture, students gathered in the quartet. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties Hanyang Fengshan academy, Qingchuan college, Chong Zheng academy, Hanyang Qingchuan college is the largest college. Qingchuan Academy was founded in Kangxi forty-four years (1705), established by the Hanyang government, in the south of Hanyang, Ji door, originally named "Hanyang college". Seven years of Qianlong (1742) expansion, and to Cui Hao Tang famous "Hanyang distinctly Qingchuan tree" name, called "Qingchuan college". Jiaqing thirteen years (1808) in winter, the prefect of Hanyang, Liu Bin to raise money to buy 1800 houses in two, 1300 two Gongyuan West, balance reconstruction academy, which lasted five months, completed in the spring of the following year. "Lu Han (house door) jungao, Ting Yu Bo Chang, black (black) (white chalk) Dan paint, natural hwan". Qingchuan College moved to new premises, a large number of new books. Qingchuan college north south, adjacent to the front hall, Gongyuan Hill long room with hall behind the rear hall, near homes were all students to study and live, on the west side of a Book Xuan, for tour and rest. A small college before, after the backyard, on both sides of the cabin, langfang. Because the Qingchuan college belongs to the Hanyang government, for the Hanyang government under the jurisdiction of Hanyang County, Hanchuan County, Huangpi County, Xiaogan County, Mianyang state students, talented people. And because the college scale is big, beautiful environment, there are often scholars, college teachers, the squire celebrities gathered here, the poetry writing words. Qingchuan College "mountain long" one. The mountain is a long lecture, and the master, only famous in academic circles at the time people can serve as. The college has also hired scholars, retired officials (the imperial examination had achieved fame as a speaker). Qingchuan academy follow White Hart and other well-known college, rigorous scholarship, reward and punishment, to encourage students to explore knowledge. The famous scholar Wang Baoxin served as Dean in the late Qing Dynasty, a famous scholar and educator Wang Baoxin once served as College Hill long qingchuan. He is a very strong foundation Ancient Chinese Literature Search, personally lectures. When Qingchuan famous Jingchu college. Wang Baoxin was hard, worked in the Hunan Hubei academy five years of study, 1894 to win excellent tribute, Zhu Sheng crown, renowned jianghan. After serving Qingchuan Dean of the college in third, 1903 to obtain tree, and the newspaper office of the Bureau, compile and the high school teachers. 1.相关的主题文章: