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2 times the trip as test Nissan Kai Chen T902015 of the Shanghai auto show, Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen unveiled a concept car called VOW, located in the shape of the SUV coupe. A year later, a large number of reserved VOW concept car "wind carving aesthetics" design language production car unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show (micro-blog), and at the Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog) opened, expected by the end of the official listing, the current price not yet announced. This design can use the word "radical" to describe the independent brand SUV, on behalf of the Kai Chen brand stage the highest manufacturing water products, and responsible for opening the door of the age of 2 comes five years after it is Kai Chen, Nissan Kai Chen first flagship product — T90. At the same time, it is also the first of its own brand coupe SUV. Today, the independent models again and again refresh people’s eyes, some brush is the lower limit, and T90 refresh is the upper limit. In their own brands, this is a look at the appearance, it can not wait to further contact. The first "wind carving aesthetics" works of pride but not arrogant in the process of driving, more than ten times have raised the question: coupe SUV although the current situation is a blue ocean in the SUV market, but to the Mercedes Benz GLE, BMW X6 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), X4, under and although Mazda CX-4 listed in the beginning is a fire, but this does not represent the actual sales results, people run SUV on the car’s cognition is not high, or even stop Honda geshitu (cf. distribution, pictures, inquiry). Kai Chen as an independent brand, how to have the courage to do this joint venture brands are afraid to try the field? Kai Chen brand leader told reporters that this is a rigorous and extensive market research results, although the design of radical, but not aggressive. Kai Chen T90 design to achieve the best proportion of 1:2 body, Kai Chen T90 to ensure the highest ground clearance of the 194mm at the same time, reduce the body center of gravity, the integration of the car’s sense of control and comfort.相关的主题文章: