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2 executives suspected of selling counterfeit pharmaceutical company 1 million 720 thousand box trial original title: suspected of selling counterfeit 1 million 720 thousand box two Chengdu Tianyin pharmaceutical executives tried 17, Chengdu Tianyin pharmaceutical suspected illegal production case in Chengdu intermediate people’s court. In November 17th, a shocked the whole country medicine major in Chengdu City Intermediate People’s court. Two years ago, due to alleged illegal production of Hugan tablets, the former listed company — Chengdu Tianyin Pharmaceutical Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "pharmaceutical") by the Sichuan provincial food and Drug Administration investigation. Subsequently, the company implemented a nationwide recall on 2012 after the production of Hugan tablets. Two years later, Tianyin pharmaceutical unit charged with crime, the board of directors of the company, vice president of a tour of Yangtze River Moumou also on suspicion of the production and sale of counterfeit 1 million 720 thousand boxes, VAT invoice, standing on the dock. In the face of the prosecution allegations, two confession in court, said it did not use bamboo instead of the South and North Bupleurum Bupleurum as raw material. The case was not in court for sentencing, day retrial. A one person involved in the trial of two cases of listed companies executives trial at 17 am on the past, the Chengdu intermediate people’s court in a court, more than 30 people to sit in early to occupy a good position. Two years ago, in pharmaceutical counterfeit case, some of them chose to leave. Tianyin pharmaceutical was founded in April 1994, its business scope is the production and sale of drugs. The company was founded, a tour as deputy general manager, in charge of drug research and development, quality and so on. In September 2003, Jiang Moumou Ren pharmaceutical legal representative, chairman of the company responsible for the management. In 2008, Tianyin pharmaceutical in NYSE listed on the main market, heady. Who would have thought, in 2014, the busy kaijiangtuotu listed companies are in counterfeit case, the company implemented a nationwide recall since 2012 the production of Hugan tablets. After two years of silence, Tianyin pharmaceutical once again into public view. This time, Jiang Moumou, a tour of two executives accused of producing and selling counterfeit crime, the crime of false VAT invoices, two case and trial. Trial together, as well as the company manager of the purchasing department and to the company’s drug dealer false invoices. In the bar, 9 people sat in a row. 10:30 or so, Jiang Moumou was brought into the courtroom, he saw the audience on the gallery, holding the hand of the ring, gently waved. B case suspected counterfeit sales VAT invoice prosecutors alleged that the investigation, from March 2012 to February 2014, during the production of pharmaceutical Hugan tablets, by Jiang Moumou and a tour to negotiate, cheaper alternative medicine Herba Bupleuri, prescribed standard Bupleurum Bupleurum scorzonerifolium administration, production, and unauthorized changes to the production process buy, Schisandra extract administration production. By the Sichuan provincial food and Drug Administration investigation found that huganpian Tianyin pharmaceutical production in 20 batches using Takeba Shibako, 25 batches of using purchased fruit extract, both repeated identified 11 batches, total production of 34 batches, 1724331 boxes. These huganpian according to counterfeit punished, the total value of 491 yuan, the sales amount of more than 450 Jun相关的主题文章: