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15 hot spots: The Pelican sign Almighty Jeremy replacement to flank the wasp – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 15th, let us review the news today: TOP5 (click the title) 1 officials announced the signing of the Almighty flanking the pelican officially announced officially signed free agent Lance – Stephenson. Based on team policy, the contract details were not disclosed. According to ESPN to get the information, Stephenson and the pelican team signed a 1 year contract. Last season, the 25 year old Stephenson played 43 games for the clippers, the Grizzlies played 26 games. During the offseason, the Grizzlies did not perform the contract of Stephenson in the last 1 years of the $9 million 400 thousand team option. As a result, he became a free agent. This summer, the free market is open, Stephenson has been unable to find work, until the pelican gave him the chance of a trial. The results of the trial period, Stephenson displayed a talent to win the chance to play in New Orleans. The problem is, the team has 15 players with guaranteed contracts. That is to say, if Stephenson wants to leave the team in the end, he must prove himself through training camp and preseason. 2 Hornets coach: difficult to find alternative Jeremy Lin coach Steve Clifford admitted in an interview, Jeremy Lin left the team this summer effect is very large. During the offseason, Jeremy Lin to 3 years and $36 million to join the nets. In fact, when the free market opened, Clifford had thought that Jeremy Lin would leave. "We have 5 players who have a contract," Clifford said. "Obviously, they can’t leave it all." Finally, the Hornets signed Nicholas Batum and Marvin Williams; Jeremy Lin, Courtney Lee and Eyre Jefferson. Last season under Clifford, Jeremy Lin played the role of a qualified sixth. Coach said, leave this summer players, Jeremy Lin’s position is the most difficult to find alternatives, because of his versatility, not only can and score, but also the other defensive point guard or shooting guard. 3 Bosh announced that he had prepared for the training camp after treatment and training, Chris – Bosh statement, he is ready to return to the heat, to participate in the new season training camp. Although the training video has been uploaded via social media, but this is the first time this summer, Bosh officially talk about comeback. Since February this year to confirm the body re thrombosis, Bosh has been in a state of unlimited truce. "Absolutely ready for the training camp," said Bosh. "We’ve been talking about this for a long time. In May this year we issued a statement, as long as I am ready to play, you can debut. I’m ready to complete all the training in the doctor’s testimony, the body also has a good recovery, when I guangzhuobangzi, looks great." Bosh didn’t pass the team doctor’s permission to return, the offseason he has personal training, and no one training team. Up to now, the heat is still no official on whether Bosh will participate in the training camp, as well as the new season is a comeback statement. 4.相关的主题文章: